Ebike conversion kit waterproof quick release kit

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This is a very economical and practical ebike conversion kit, MOQ is 4 sets, the battery put a box, the other display instrument a box, you can save nearly half of the transportation costs, if your order is large, it will be It will save you more money, but he needs you to assemble the spokes/rim set, if you do not want to waste time to assemble the spokes, you can also go to a nearby bicycle repair shop to find someone to assemble, this is very easy to solve.
In addition, this electric bicycle conversion kit is quick release waterproof, the lines are integrated together, the ordinary suite controller has 12 lines output line, and our group of output 5 lines, each feature interface to distinguish between colors, greatly reducing the Workload.
CTN SIZE:  58*58*26cm /26 inch , 4 Set/CTN(Except batteries)  (252 sets in 20GP)
CTN SIZE: 45*30*30cm /bottle battery , 4Pcs/CTN  (235 carton in 20GP)
Ebike conversion kit waterproof quick release kitpackingThe batteries are packaged separately

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